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What are you paying for.... my prices reflect the standard of my work. You will receive a private gallery of the highest quality photos, this will include ALL the very best images from the day, not just a limited amount. There are no hidden extras, the secure gallery is free for you to view, share and print. I am able to assist in the preparation of your shoot and guidance on posing like a pro.

Portrait Sessions

A portrait session is usually around 2 hours - Scrub up your horse, tack and boots and leave the artistic part to me !

from £200

Forget Me Not Sessions

Specifically designed for a tribute portrait session.
Can be booked at short notice.

from £180

Business or Gift

A gift experience or a tailor-made session to enhance your business, sales or horse portfolio.

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Portrait Sessions

Sessions start from £200 with free advice on how to prepare for your photoshoot. 

What to expect - A portrait session is usually around 2 hours - Scrub up your horse, tack and boots and leave the artistic part to me !

Your location will be key to your photoshoot - there are often things that you would normally overlook that can be used to create a natural or magical composition; unusual environmental features can make impressive backdrops. I am happy to work with you if there is a particular scene you'd like to frame.

I work throughout the seasons, using natural light, making the very best of what nature has to offer at any time of the year.

Now we all know that horses can be unpredictable at times, but having been around them for many years I can often anticipate (or encourage) an expression worthy of a magazine cover ! With subtle direction I can help you work with your horse to capture beautiful portraits.

I am fully insured and carry professional gear - I utilise broad editing skills to deliver the very best images of the day all hosted in a private online gallery. You can even ask for a touch of magic. High resolution images are ready to view usually within a couple of weeks of your session. You can download, share and print directly from the secure gallery. I can advise you on third party print services.

No hidden extra's ! Fee's are agreed before the session leaving you feeling relaxed that you'll still have some funds for carrots and apples !

Forget Me Not Sessions

These must be the hardest yet most rewarding and poignant part of my photography. 

I have held a bond so strong with horses of my own that I know how unbelievably hard it can be to say goodbye.

I am able to visit you at short notice to carry out a photoshoot that will encapsulate those precious memories for a lifetime.

My compassion at such a difficult time shows in capturing your unique connection and love between you and your cherished equine companion.


 I'm happy to be called upon at short notice to carry out a photoshoot when time is limited or shadowed by great sadness - There are few people who will truly understand the unique partnership that comes with being a dutiful guardian to such an incredible animal, one that touches your soul.

These sessions are carried out with a more relaxed, candid feel but are equally momentous in preserving and capturing the very best vision of your beloved horse before you come to say goodbye.

Of course, this doesn't have to be a sad occasion, maybe they are not passing over, but just passing on to new pastures (quite literally) and you'd like to have a collection of photos to reminisce over. 

A collection of photos can be a great way to reflect, it can be a time to celebrate the years and experiences you have spent together - the lessons, the journeys, the times when they have listened and held your secrets. Whatever your reason for parting what better way than to preserve those moments with some beautiful photos.

Business or Gift

Most Horse lovers have everything they could ever wish for, right ? But a gift of a photoshoot could be the one thing they have always wanted. I can offer a tailor-made photoshoot for any occasion or celebration. Dressed up or dressed down, casual or formal record of your journey, a photoshoot to capture these milestones are available on request - the options are endless.

I am able to offer styling advice and preparation hints and tips to get the very best out of your special day.

Perhaps you are looking for photographs to promote your equestrian business; professional photos for sales media attract more attention than those taken on mobile phones. You could be looking for clear, high quality photos for stud books, events or for recording a professional riding portfolio.

I can offer smaller or larger sessions specifically designed around your needs; I can also include enhanced imagery to suit your brand. I can produce your photos in a variety of formats to suit your commercial needs for media or print.

I am also happy to teach you how to get the very best out of your own camera when taking photos of horses. I can provide you with the skills to produce stunning photos of your own. Arrangements can be made to photograph horses and models or capture images of your own horse.

All of the packages offered are subject to terms and conditions of St Leger Photography and are contractually binding.

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